Pump Selection

When selecting the type and size of the KUPAR GEAR PUMPS there are some criterions, which are generally summarized below. Please contact us for detailed information and selecting criterions.

The most important criterion when selecting gear pumps is the viscosity. Viscosity is important when selecting the type and size, also selecting the pump speed and designing clearances. There are 4 important criterions of pump selection such as:

Pump Type: the main principle is to select the helical gear pumps for low viscosities and internal gear pumps for high viscosities.

Size of The Ports: Size of the ports and pipes is again related to the viscosity of the fl uid. Every size of the port and pipe has a capacity of flow rate of fluid according to the viscosity. When selecting pump size and designing the pipe system, the diameter should be calculated accurately or you must be contented with the maximum flow rate for that viscosity.

Pump Speed: the maximum speed for gear pumps 1500 rpm speed should be reduced according to increasing viscosity. High speeds should be selected for low viscosities, low speeds should be selected for high viscosities. Direct coupling to electric motor is used for 1000 and 1500 rpm. 500 and lower speeds coupling to electric motor with V-belt and direct drive to reduction unit is used.

Working Clearances: some working clearances are machined during production and some clearances are adjusted during assembly according to the viscosity ranges. Every pump should be used to transfer the fl uid, which has the suitable viscosity, for its working clearances. Otherwise the pump can operate with lower pressure than indicated before or the pump can operate very hard or fully stop..

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